Viking Age Slot

vikings age slotThe Vikings were once feared throughout Europe as fierce warriors. They battled, they plundered, and they conquered. They were also important explorers, travelling throughout Asia and even reaching North America. These events occurred during a period between the 8thand 11thcenturies – what is now known as the Viking Age.

The Viking Age online slot machine from Betsoft is an attempt to capture all of the elements that make Vikings so fascinating to us even today. It features heroic warriors, mysterious runes, and the sturdy ships that the Vikings were known for. There are also a number of bonus games that allow the Vikings to help you walk away with a little treasure of your own!

How to Play Viking Age

Viking Age is a 30-line, five-reel slot machine created by Betsoft as a part of their 3D slots collection. The object of the game is to match identical symbols from left to right across your active paylines, with various symbols requiring you to match either two or three of them in order to score a win. Players have the option of betting up to five coins per line, and several different coin levels are available.

The symbols in Viking Age are, of course, all Viking themed. You’ll be matching things like shields, runes, axes, treasure, and ships. Most valuable of all are the Vikings themselves, with both a red-haired and a blonde Viking available. The blonde is the most valuable, worth up to 300 credits per coin wagered if you can match five of him in a row. Bet the full five coins, and that’s a prize of 1,500 credits!

Bonus Games in Viking Age

Viking Age is another of the many Betsoft games that does not include a wild symbol, which might initially lead you to think it’s a little bland and old-fashioned. But nothing could be further from the truth: there are three very fun bonus games spread throughout this machine, each of which does a great job of keeping the action fresh.

Runestone Doors

The Runestone Doors game is activated any time you see three or more helmet symbols scattered on the reels. When this occurs, you’ll zoom in on the side of the reels, where you’ll see the game’s hostess – Amma – looking at some runes carved into the structure. Choose one of the runes, and you’ll open an associated reel to reveal a prize! One of the interesting thing about this game is that you can actually win a variety of different prizes: you can be given a few free spins, get some instant bonus credits, or gain access to one of the other Viking Age bonus rounds.

Multiplier Free Spins

If you hit three or more Amma symbols on the reels, you’ll access the game’s free spins bonus round. In this game, you’ll watch Amma find two multiplier reels hidden behind the stone structure the reels are placed on. These special reels move to the left and right of the main game, and spin during each of your free spins. They can award multipliers of 2x to 5x, and apply to any win featuring a symbol that appears next to that multiplier. However, the start and ending multipliers have to match in order to win the bonus!

Arm Wrestling Bonus Round

It’s the sport of kings: arm wrestling! If you find three or more arm wrestling symbols anywhere on the reels, you’ll be taken to a second screen bonus round where two Vikings are ready to battle in a traditional arm wrestling match. Your goal is to pick the Viking that will ultimately win the duel. The better your chosen hero does, the more bonus credits you’ll find yourself rewarded with.

Other Notes on Viking Age

Viking Age does an amazing job of presenting a really interesting atmosphere. The setting for the game – a stone structure that’s covered in runes and carvings – really looks like something out of a different age. The music accompanying the game really has an epic medieval feel to it as well, adding to the excitement. I also enjoyed Amma, who is always around while you’re spinning the reels. She will complain to you if you’re taking too long, and is present throughout most of the game’s special features as well. The game’s many sound effects are a nice addition, too: they’re pretty natural, so you might not even notice them, but that’s only because they fit in so perfectly with the on-screen action.

While Viking Age is a pretty straightforward game, the bonus games do more than enough to keep things entertaining. There are no huge prizes here, and there’s no progressive jackpot, so those slots geeks who are only interested in winning millions on a single spin might want to steer clear of this game. But for most players, Viking Age will be a fun romp, combining a solid game with a really cool theme to create an experience that’s very entertaining overall.

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