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Slots are gaming machines that are powered by a computerized mechanism that generates symbols on the screen over various reels. In order to qualify for a payout, players usually have to match the exact same symbols on an active pay-line. These machines date back to the 18th century, which is believed to be the time when first slot machine was invented. Today the gambling industry is overtaken by modern video slots that are using modern technologies to spin the symbols as well as provide a large amount of entertainment.

After land based casinos realized the potential of slot machines and understood that these were accounting for about 80% of total income, it was time to take the next step and develop the first online casino playground. Our top partners, Inter Casino, are believed to be the first online casino that offered a chance to gamble for real money on the internet. Today they’re powered by CryptoLogic software and offer more than 200 online slots for play. The games range between various types of slot machine games so lets proceed with taking a look at what types of them are offered in the industry.

  • Video Slots – without a doubt the most popular type of slots and one that I like the most. Loaded with features and stunning graphical elements, these provide a huge amount of entertainment. Another aspect that differs these from the rest is the amount of pay-lines. Video Slots will almost always feature at least 15 pay-lines, most of the time this number will be above 20. You’ll also be able to take advantage of the scatter and wild symbols, that offer extra value and can multiply your winnings several times.

  • Classic Slots – the so called one armed bandits or fruit machines. The first slot machine ever invented was also a classic slot known as ”The Liberty Bell”. These types of machines have lost the majority of their popularity due to modern technologies chiming in. However, old fashioned players will still be able to find these at both, online and land based casinos.

  • Progressive Slots – do you know what drives people to play casino games? The thought of winning a lot of money. Well, Progressive Slots are actually offering exactly a chance like that. You’ll be able to win up to 20 Million dollars in a single spin, all you have to do is get lucky… well really lucky.

  • 3D Slots – the latest innovation in the online casino industry. 3D is getting popular in all industries, we’ve experienced the invention of 3D movies, TV’s and much more. Now it was time for slots. I’ve tried a couple of games that are powered by BetSoft and the entertainment I was able to get was far exceeding one gathered from normal, video or classic machines.

Various Software Providers

It’s far from the time where developing online casino games was somewhat of a miracle. Today there are more than a dozen companies that develop high end games.

  • MicroGaming – the current industry leader, when it comes to online slot machines and development of theirs. There are well over a hundred casinos that are powered by this software developer company.

  • Net Entertainment – a close second place in the gambling industry. NetEnt is a swedish company that stands out of the crowd by the exceptional quality and features in their games.

  • CryptoLogic – one of the pioneers and oldest companies in the gambling industry. Crypto still easily holds its own today and is used to run a handful of casinos on the web.

  • PlayTech – a giant in the online gambling industry, mostly known as the poker network iPoker owners. They are also developers and owners of various casino games that includes slot machines.

  • Real Time Gaming – RTG is a yet another pioneer of the online casino games and their development. However, lately they’ve fallen apart and lacks some new, fresh games. Most of their success could be devoted to a large portion of USA Friendly Casinos being powered by exactly this software provider.

  • Rival – another of the USA Friendly software companies. Similarly as RTG, their graphics seem a little bit outdated and they are a fair bit behind the industry leading slots software companies.

  • BetSoft – a relatively new tech company that made a huge appearance by creating some truly stunning 3D Slots. Now most of their portfolio consists of these and is also offered at online casinos accepting USA players.

  • PartyGaming – while this is a relatively unknown name in the online casino world, this is the company behind some of the most popular slot games that are offered at Party Casino as well as other industry giants such as 888 Casino.

  • IGT – if you have ever been to a land based casino and player their slots, you’ll know that most of them are developed by exactly this company. They took their experience in the brick&mortar casino gaming and now are also greatly known in the internet world of slots.

  • QuickSpin – a new company that launched in early 2012, but already have developed a number of exceptional quality games. It’s not a big surprise, given that their CEO has worked at Net Entertainment for over 5 years.

Strategy & Betting Systems

Before we get into any strategical advise, I would like to add that every slot game features a house edge. This means a statistical advantage that is pre-programmed and cannot be beaten. If you’re thinking that there is a slot strategy that will somehow help you to beat slots, stop. On the other hand, playing slots provides a lot of entertainment and is a perfect way to relax from your working day.

Lets take a look at some of the most popular betting systems out there. If you are interested in a particular one, click on its title and you will get redirected to an article that will explain it in a throughout way.

  • Martingale Betting System the king of betting systems and one that is used in just about any casino game offering even money payout bets. It’s also often referred to as the red&black system for Roulette.

  • Paroli Betting System – a similar strategy to the Martingale, but uses a more careful approach, when it comes to increasing your wager.

  • Labouchere Betting System – based on a simple sequence of numbers, this system is a great way to keep your head straight and have some fun along the way.

Payout Percentage

All Slots feature the so called house edge, meaning that you will lose a certain amount of money if you keep playing them for a longer period of time. However, the payout ratios feature a huge difference on a slot to slot basis. Some of the old styled vegas slots are known to feature payouts as low as 70%, while new NetEnt Slots pay out as much as 98%. If you are looking for some of the best paying slots to play, check our guide on Highest Payout Slot Machines.

Wilds & Scatters

I made a brief mention regarding Wild & Scatter symbols in the beginning of the article, but in case you aren’t fully aware of what exactly are these, I’ll explain.

  • The Wild Symbol – the most valuable symbol of any slot machine. It substitutes for any other icon in the game and often doubles or triples the payout. If you are playing a jackpot slot machine, wild might also be your way to the jackpot prize.

  • The Scatter Symbol – scatters are usually the second most valuable symbols in a slot machine. If the game features a free spins feature, spinning 3 scatters anywhere on the reels will enable it. You’ll also get high payouts for spinning between 2 and 5 of these symbols.

Free Spins & Bonus Games

New, modern slot machines often offer several extra features on top of regular payouts. Two of the most common ones are Free Spins Feature and Bonus Game. The first one is triggered via Scatter Symbols and is basically a free roll. You won’t get charged for a certain number of spins and all the prizes will be paid out, often with a multiplier. Bonus Games on the other hand are used purely for entertainment purposes – these can be anything between spinning huge bonus wheels to shooting the bad guys. Of course, you also win extra credits along with all the entertainment.

Best Slots Casinos

After some in-depth research we’ve determined the best casino for those of you who are looking to play slots. Our current favourite is Inter Casino, a brand that just celebrated their 15th anniversary. New players can claim a 100% up to £/$250 Welcome Bonus, which comes along with some great value promotions. Along with the bonuses, you’ll also get top notch customer service and access to games developed by CryptoLogic.