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Caribbean Poker

Caribbean Poker is a casino variation of the so called club poker that is enjoying huge popularity at online and land based casino environment. That’s actually one of the reasons why this game was invented in the first place. Poker guru, player and author of several strategy books David Sklansky invented this game after casinos noticed just how popular poker is getting. Even though they were making money from players playing at regular poker tables, it was relatively little compared to what was made in other casino game.

The rules and gameplay of this game is somewhat similar to 5 card draw, but instead of playing versus other players, you are fighting against the house (casino) in this variation. Lets proceed with a walk through of some aspects as well as gameplay of this game. After you are done reading this article, you should be well prepared to hit the tables and Play Caribbean Poker Online or alternatively at your favourite land based casino.


Every hand of Caribbean Poker starts with you placing a wager, also known as the ante bet. Note that this won’t be the only wager you will potentially have to make, as you might have to put 2 times the ante bet, if you want to continue in the hand. Choose a size of the ante that you won’t have any trouble doubling in case you get a good hand dealt.

Once the ante is placed, 5 cards are dealt to both, you and the dealer. While you can see all 5 of yours, only 1 card is shown from the dealers hand. Based on the strength of your hand as well as what card dealer shows, you have a decision to make:

  • Call – put double the ante bet as a wager, which will immediately lead to dealer showing his hand and the winner determined.
  • Fold – lose your ante bet and forfeit the hand.

Hands are valued just as in a normal poker game – all 5 cards play a role into making the hand combination.

Winnings & Payouts

After the dealer opens up his hand, the winner is determined and paid out. However, in order for your ” call ” bet to be paid, dealers hand will have to qualify. A qualifying hand is one that is at least Ace King high or better. If the dealers hand does not qualify, only your ante bet is paid out at even money odds, the call bet neither wins and neither loses.

Your hand strength is what affects the payout odds you are gettting. A simple one pair hand that wins will net you a payout at even money odds, while stronger hands will feature better odds.

  • A Pair or Worse – Even Money
  • Two Pair – Two to One
  • Three of a Kind – Three to One
  • Straight – Four to One
  • Flush – Five to One
  • Full House – Seven to One
  • Quads – Twenty to One
  • Straight Flush – Fifty to One
  • Royal Flush – Progressive Jackpot or Hundred to One, if the game does not feature one.

Please note that in order to earn payouts at these odds, dealers hand will have to qualify. If it does not, you will only be paid for your ante bet, even if you hit a Royal Flush. I have seen a player that hits a straight flush at a $200 wager for a potential payout of $10,000 only to see that the dealer deals a really shitty hand to himself and does not qualify.

Progressive Jackpot

Pretty much all online casinos offer a progressive caribbean poker for a chance at a hefty payout if you hit the royal flush. However, to earn this payout you will have to bet on a sidebet. Usually the bet amount will be $1 per hand. Even thought it’s wrong math wise, I would advise you do it, as playing this poker type is wrong math wise in the first place! You never know if it’s your lucky day. Progressives are usually somewhere between $30,000 and $300,000 so it would be a shame to miss on an amount this huge.

Casino Advantage aka The House Edge

Caribbean puts you at a mathematical disadvantage every time you play a hand. However, depending on how well you play, this edge can be reduced a fair bit. Given that you play by following our basic strategical advice in the next paragraph, the percentual advantage held by the casino will be approximately 5.4%. Every time $100 are wagered, casino wins $5,4 on average.


This will be a really basic advice and probably even a laughable one, but this is the golden rule for Caribbean Poker – only call the bet if you have AK or better (a pair). If you hold anything less than that, fold and move on to the next hand.

There also are some betting systems that you can apply, when playing this game. Again, this could be done purely for fun and entertainment reasons, as in no way will these help you to become a millionaire and beat the casino.

  • Martingale Caribbean Poker Strategy – start with an initial wager of your choice and double it every time you lose a hand. If you win, start all over with the same initial wager.
  • Paroli Caribbean Poker Strategy – determine a betting unit and start out by betting it. If you win, increase your bet by 1 betting unit, if lose – decrease the bet by 1 unit.
  • Labouchere Caribbean Poker Strategy – write down a random sequence of numbers and use a sum of the first and last numbers to determine how many units have to be bet. If you lose, add the number of units to the end of the list. Once won, cross off the two numbers you just summed. Better have a piece of paper and a pencil, when applying this strategy!

Best Casinos to Play Caribbean Online

The truth is that all casinos offer one or a couple of variations of Caribbean Poker, but finding one with a hefty progressive jackpot is quite a problem. This is exactly why this game gained popularity in the first place. Thus I searched for a casino that does offer this poker game with at least a 5 figure jackpot up for grabs. I found Jackpot City to be a fitting one. There is a Microgaming powered Caribbean Poker offering a high 5 figure progressive. Jackpot City itself is one of the most reputable brands in the industry too.

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