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BlackJack is one of the most popular casino table games in the world, it is also really popular among high rollers who often bet hundreds of thousands on a single hand. In hindsight, it is a card comparing game between the dealer (casino) and the player. The game is often referred to as 21 because that’s exactly what the main goal in this game is – get a point score of exactly or as close to 21, as possible. However, in order to win you will simply have to reach a higher point score than the dealer without exceeding 21.

When taking a look in the past, BlackJack as the majority of Casino Games is believed to be invented in France. It was played as early as in 1700, before with a name of twenty one. The game we know today (BlackJack) got it’s current name because of the first US variation, which paid extra for a hand of Ace and Jack of spades.

Lets go ahead and take a full tour through various aspects, rules and gameplay of BlackJack. After you’ve done reading this guide, you should have full knowledge and skill set to play blackjack online or at land based casinos.

How are the hands valued?

Each card holds a particular value in BlackJack, it’s played with a standard deck of 52 cards and they hold the following value:

  • Deuces to nines – face value. A deuce is worth 2 points and a nine is worth nine points.
  • Tens, Jacks, Queens, Kings – ten points.
  • Aces – 1 or 11 points, you can choose between the either value by taking one that benefits your point score more.

GamePlay in Online BlackJack

The game of BlackJack can be divided into multiple rounds of play – hands. If you play online, you will have to decide on how many boxes you are looking to play as well as how much you are willing to bet. Once you’ve done this, simply click on the deal button and you will be dealt with 2 cards for every hand. The dealer will also deal cards to himself, depending on the variation of BlackJack you play, he might deal 2 cards with one being upside down.

Once you are dealt cards on all the boxes that you have a bet at, you now have a choice in front of you. These are the options that will be offered, unless you have hit a natural hand of BlackJack.

  • Hit – take another card.
  • Stay – don’t take another card and proceed to the next hand.
  • Double – double your wager and take only 1 more card.
  • Split – if you hold two cards of the exact same value, it’s possible to play them as two separate hands.
  • Surrender – get half of your wager back and end the hand. There are some BlackJack variations that does not allow this, but luckily the variety of online games is large enough for you to choose one that does.

Dealer Holds an Ace

When dealer gets an ace, it does not only mean that you are in a quite rough shape, but also you are not allowed to surrender. There’s one extra thing you can do, though. You can take insurance and insure yourself against dealer having a BlackJack. The chances of this happening are around 32%, the bet pays out at 2 to 1 odds in players favour.

It’s often worth insuring your hand to avoid having a tough time, especially if you hold 20. You will have to pay one half of your wager and your hand will be locked in to win, well unless the dealer also makes 20 or 21 without hitting a BlackJack.

You get dealt a natural hand

If you get an ace and a face card (Ten, Jack, Queen, King) dealt, you qualify for a payout at 3 to 2 odds. This is also known as the best possible combination in the game – BlackJack. You can’t loose, but can ”push” if the dealer also has the same hand.


BlackJack is one of the rare casino games that offers a chance to beat the house and actually features an element of skill. If you play all the hands optimally and by following an optimal strategy, you can reduce the mathematical house edge to a minimum. However, in order to beat the house and turn it the other way around, following the optimal strategy won’t be anywhere near enough. The only way to gain an advantage in BlackJack is by counting cards, which is essentially keeping track of all the cards that are dealt thus determined the chances of particular (big) cards being dealt. Why the big cards are important? Because these are used to make most high value hands including natural hand – BlackJack.

Betting Systems

Even though I already mentioned that the only way to beat the house is by counting cards, there are still some betting systems that can be applied in BlackJack. These won’t help you to turn the odds in your favour, but they will surely allow you to have some fun.

  • The Martingale – most popular progressive betting system for even money bets. It suggests that you should double your wager every time you loose a hand and start all over, when you win.
  • The Paroli – also a very well known progressive betting system, but instead of doubling your wagers after every loss, you are advised to increase your wager by 1 unit.
  • The Labouchere – the system, which is more of a sequence of numbers advises that you should use it to determine the amount of units that are wagered in each particular hand.

Best BlackJack Casinos


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