The Martingale Betting System


The Martingale bettin system


The Martingale is probably the best known betting system in the world and one that is heavily advertised as a way to gain an edge against the casino and win. However, as you will later learn in this article, it is not really working and has several flaws. We still have decided to provide a full walkthrough regarding this system for informational purposes and well, there still are a couple of reasons that make usage of Martingale worthwhile.

In hindsight, this system is based on a simple logic, also known as the rule of gamblers fallacy. It states that a player is more likely to win in the next event, after an unsuccesful one so lets take an example of a single Roulette spin. You bet on the next number spun to be red, but it is the black on that is spun. Now, based on this system, you have a higher chance of winning, if you bet on the red again.

Of course, this is far from the truth in real life and every spin is individual, thus the house edge does not change regardless of the outcome for a particular one.

Applying Martingale

Even though it is possible to apply this system for just about any type of game, it works best on even money ones. Even money means that you bet $10 and stand a chance at winning another $10. These are for example any normal BlackJack, Baccarat, Caribbean Poker bets as well as Red/Black & Even/Odd bets when playing Roulette.

I would not advise to apply this system to bets that feature huge payouts and are quite hard to hit. Great example is a single number bet in Roulette. You will simply run out of money before a winning spin, if you apply this system here.

How It Works?

If you still have not quite understood how to apply Martingale, here is a quick example that should teach you to. Lets imagine that you are looking to play blackjack and bet $10 on one box. Here is how your betting system would look like.

  • You bet $10 and lose (double your wager, as you lost)
  • You bet $20 and lose (double your wager)
  • You bet $40 and lose (double your wager)
  • You bet $80 and win – the system is done and you are up your initial bet ($10).
  • Start the whole system again by betting $10 or any other amount you prefer

The Flaw

The system seems like a sure thing, when you give it some thought, right? I mean, eventually you will experience that one winning spin or a hand that will allow you to gain all losses back as well as be in the green for your initial wager. Sure, that will eventually happen, but the risk of ruin is simply too high and in order to be able to get to that winning spin or a hand, you are basically required to have infinitive wealth. You better call Bill Gates now, otherwise it will be hard to apply this system. Just kidding, this is simply a flaw that cannot be fixed.

Secondly, casinos have gotten real smart with implemented betting limits. It is really likely that you will not be able to make the wager that is required by the system, because of these limits. That is given you actually have the funds to bet with.

Where to try it out?

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