The Labouchere Betting System


Labouchere betting system

The man who invented this system

The Labouchere system or strategy is completely different one than the others we have listed on our site – Martingale and Paroli. It is also often reffered to as the cancelation system due to the nature of how the amount of your wager is determined.

Simply put, this system is actually a completely random sequence of numbers that is written off and used to determine your bet sizing. We failed to see how there was any math rule of thumb on whom this strategy could be based on, but lets take a look at it anyway.

Applying The Labouchere

This strategy can be applied to any form of gambling and by betting on any outcome, regardless of the payout odds. While I advised to use some other systems on even money payout bets for the most part, this one can be used at any bet. Of course, betting at even money ones will account for less monetary swings so bear that in mind.

Apart from the swings, there is nothing that could hold you off from applying The Labouchere at the BlackJack, Roulette, Baccarat or Caribbean Poker tables. Heck, you can even do so while playing slots, if you please. I would strongly advise against the latter, though. Simply because it is quite easy not to win for lets say 50 spins in a row and Slots are a specific form of gambling that does not feature any guaranteed payout odds. Yeah, definitely do not apply this system at Slots.

How To Apply

It is rather easy to get started with this strategy. You simply write down a random sequence of numbers, such as 1 1 2 5 6 8. It is advised that all of them are single digit numbers, as otherwise you will start with a relatively large wager units wise.

So, when betting for the first time, you need to account for the sum of the first and last number in the sequence you have written. In my example, this would account for 9 as 1+8 is 9. If I was to play BlackJack and a single unit would be $10, I would have to wager $90. Lets take a look at how that would work.

  • I bet 1+8 = 9 units ($90) and lose. In case of losing, you will have to add the amount of units just bet to the end of sequence so I add 9. Sequence looks like this: 1 1 2 5 6 8 9.
  • As the sum of first and last numbers is 10, I have to bet 10 units (10*10=$100) I bet $100 and win. Now I need to cross off the two numbers that I used for determination of my wager (1 and 9). The sequence looks like this: 1 2 5 6 8 and if I were to continue, I would bet 9 units again.

Usually the system is done, when all numbers are crossed off and you end up making a profit. However, do not write sequences of more than around 6 to 7 numbers, simply because, it will either take too long to get done or you will end up broke.

The Flaw

As always, there is a catch to every magical system you thought was going to help you get that million from playing casino games. This is also the case with The Labouchere. The flaw here was more obvious than in other systems, I guess. After all, the whole system was just a simple sequence of numbers and not much more. How could that ever change the odds and the house edge? Well, It could not and it does not, so if you are looking for some magic, the Labouchere won’t be it.

Where to try out The Labouchere?

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