The Paroli Betting System

paroli betting systemThe Paroli is a quite popular betting system that is based on the illusion of having hot streaks – when player wins for several times in a row, he is considered to be on a hot streak. If you have ever gambled online or in a land based casino, you will surely know what I’m talking about. The system is very similar to the popular Martingale, but instead of chasing losses it advises to using a pyramid of building profits.

Of course, the imagination of any hot streak changing the odds of a particular gambling game is just that – illusion. The house edge still remains right there and you will not be able to change it regardless of what betting pyramid you have thought about using.

Applying Paroli

Paroli betting strategy can be applied to pretty much any game, unlike Martingale, you can bet on either even money bets or choose the ones you like better. You will not have to chase any losses and double your wager every time you lose, which allows you to have some sound money management and minimal risk of ruin.

Feel free to use Paroli at games like BlackJack, Roulette, Baccarat, Caribbean Poker and even slots. I would advise against using any kind of system when playing slots, though. Simply enjoy the entertainment brought by the machine and forget about any systems.

How To Apply?

Some of you probably already understood how this system can be used, while others might not. No worries, we are here to teach you a step by step guide on how to get started. Lets use an example of playing Baccarat this time. You decide that you will be wagering $10 on ”The Player” bet type, here you go:

  • Bet $10 and lose – start over again.
  • Bet $10 and win – double your wager.
  • Bet $20 and win – double your wager.
  • Bet $40 and win – double your wager.
  • Bet $80 and lose – start over again.

Even though we were betting $80 at the highest point, you are losing only your initial $10, as the rest were profits made by using the system. This is probably the greatest thing about Paroli, because you do not risk all that much while still holding a chance of winning significant amount of cash. All you will need to do is be lucky, well really lucky for a couple of streaks.

It also is a great idea to set the so called stop win that is a point where you simply stop the progression and take your profits away. Start all over again afterwards. I advise this because there will be times when you win like 10 times in a row and if you started out with a reasonable initial wager, you are likely going to bet mid to high 3 or 4 figures.

The Flaw

Where is the flaw in Paroli system? It is quite obvious and simple to most – you do not change the odds by applying or following any betting patterns. The house still holds a mathematical advantage, thus longterm will show who is the real winner. Luckily for most, you will never reach that statistical long term and getting lucky a couple of times is completely possible, even mathematically.

Where to try Paroli?

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