Betting Systems

casino betting systems

Since casino games became popular people who were among them and in the casino industry were trying to figure out a way to beat the house. That’s just human nature, as finding a way would mean that one could get very, very wealthy. Betting systems are what developed back in the day by some people who were trying to figure out these ways. There are probably around a hundred of them, each swears that it is based on math and actually will help the player to win loads of money. In reality, all the material found on the internet is nothing more but a trick.

Most systems are simply based on betting patterns or the rule of gamblers falacy, which suggests that odds magically change depending on the outcome of previous event and whether it was sucessful or not. Anyone who has an idea about mathematics and statistics will understand that this is really wrong and every event features the same odds of winning or losing as the previous one.

Lets take a quick look at the most known betting systems with a brief explanation on how to use them.

Martingale is probably the most popular and advertised gambling system in the world. It is also one of the most easiest to use and understand. People using this strategy swear by it as working one and it can be confusing, when you think about it. It really does sound like a working strategy logically, but there is a flaw in it as with just about any other system out there.

It is easy to apply, as already said, you simply start with betting a previously determined amount of money and either increase or decrease the wagering amount based on the outcome. If you lose, you are advised to double your wager, thus ending the system by winning. You will find yourself chasing your losses very often, when applying the Martingale. The flaw in it is the high risk of ruin that completely destroys any chance of being successful while applying it. In order for it to work, you have to be wealthy. How wealthy? Infinitive wealth is required, thus making it flawed.

Paroli is a somewhat similar gambling strategy to the Martingale, but actually advising the complete opposite. Instead of chasing your losses, you will be chasing winning streaks and increasing your wagers depending on how well you do betting.

The system is also very easy to apply at just about any game. Instead of doubling your wagers, when lost, start out by betting 1 unit and double it, when winning. This is why I actually favour Paroli over Martingale, simply because I will lose the minimum when running bad and win huge amounts, when doing well.

The Labouchere is a completely different betting strategy than the other two listed. It is based on a really simple sequence of numbers that is written down at a completely random basis and used to determine the amount of bet. The funny thing is that there are no set of rules on how to come up with the number sequence. You can simply pick random 5 numbers and use them.

The above makes it even less likely that The Labouchere will help you to gain an edge. The truth is that you can come up with your oqn sequence of numbers and name the system after yourself.